Monday, October 20, 2014

This One's for Dad...

  10 years ago to the day, I felt as if the world was so much bigger than I ever imagined and I was completely unprotected by the elements for the first time. The reason being is that the world's strongest man, my Dad, passed away.  He seemed to be able to do everything and taught me so much about the world and business( I was very blessed to say that my mom and dad are very smart and business savvy).  It was very unexpected, one minute my dad is running a country music business and a farm and the next minute he's trying his best to fight back from the after math of a heart attack. It took me a long time to find the bright side in this, but today I thought I would share this with you(in the fashion arena).
    My Dad was a cowboy with a sense of style. He was responsible for causing quite a few country music stars and song writers to accelerate to fame and he did this by a syndicated radio show and by inviting record companies to watch potential talents perform every Friday and Saturday. Before the shows he would spend a good deal of time getting ready. I can remember he had a customized wall rack for his cowboy hats-24 total- all different colors, patterns, and for every occasion. Of course he had ones he favored, like his classic black(in the above picture). Also, his cowboy neckties, I feel like he had a million designs and everyone gave him different belt buckles as gifts so there was quite a few designs including one from Hee Haw when they invited him to the show. 
    I never once saw him in a traditional suit. His version of dressing up was his nicest pair of Wrangler jeans, cowboy boots(which when I went into our laundry room where each pair filed so perfectly into line, I felt as if his choices were endless), and a beautifully pressed blazer.
     I remember a million and one things about him and I thought I would share this with you. He was a man of class and as he gave his final moment's glance in the mirror as he whistled, I always felt proud. He worked for everything in life and it showed every second and his last pause in the mirror always reminds me of this. The thing with these anniversaries as the years increase is that you feel a sense of pride and luck to have known someone so special in this world and now, you know a little about him too.

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Head to Toe

     The thing about having guests over to your house for a casual get together, is that you want everything to look like you are the most put together person in the world, BUT that you didn't just overly try to make it seem that way. This doesn't just apply to your house, but also to your wardrobe.  When I know that company will be coming over to my house, I don't want to wear jogging pants, but also it's not really appropriate to wear my Vera Wang dresses either(even though I wish I could wear these every second of my day). So instead I go with casual attire that's tied together with either an accessory or small article of clothing that raises the look to another level. My recent go to item for this look to be off the charts has been my pair of Odd Sox.
     They specialize in fashion socks, which if I may say is something that many of us are missing out on. My first pair, the Fries design pictured above, I found to be not only comfortable, but a very nice quality. By this I mean when you slide the fabric over your foot, they aren't the type of sock to feel as if they would wear out quickly. There's also an artistry behind it. When I had a couple of my friends over recently, they were a hit. They were drawn to the design and because most of their styles display a graphic that carries from one foot to the other, it's a conversation starter.
    After owning these for about a month and a half, there's no signs of wearing out to the fabric and the design is still looking fresh. I'm actually looking at getting a second pair-probably the Bombshell design, since I'm a Marilyn Monroe fan.
     Even if you aren't into the trend, make sure to check these guys out. The designs themselves are really detailed, striking, and beautifully thought out- and if you dare, add a pair to your collection... 
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