Thursday, June 26, 2014

I have NOTHING to wear!!!

     "I have NOTHING" to wear!" All of us ladies(and some gents) have said this.  When in all honesty, we have plenty to wear.  I do this too often and really why? I think it's easily broken down into two categories. I believe there's a certain level of situational appropriateness you should meet and the other reason is we see nothing in our wardrobe the conveys the emotion we strive to walk away with. 
     For instance, if you follow me on Twitter(@GildaRedFashion), then you know I have a sailing event for work coming up on Monday. I have never been sailing and I am as graceful as a bobble head.  I am pretty sure this event will leave everyone at work with the snapshot of me falling into the water and blowing the life vest whistle for dear life. ("Did Something Just Brush up against my leg?") With that said, I immediately went to the fact I have nothing AT ALL with any nautical flare captured.  There's plenty of other looks I could go for, but none I feel would be appropriate. So, I immediately went shopping and let me tell you, in the summer, it is very easy to find nautical everything. I personally love to walk away with a unique flare and I don't want to look like the masses and trust me, nautical chic is what everyone will be aiming for, so I decided to design my own tee and accessories. Also, If I can make anyone laugh(emotion card-there it is), I feel as if my day's work has been accomplished, so I aimed for nautical fashion meets hilariousness. I don't want to show the whole tee on here as of yet, but here is the front left chest:

      If you know of the movie,  What About Bob, then you know where the saying comes from. This is just an example of one time I have been faced with the WTW predicament. Everyone in today's society strives to stand out which can be very hard when you are no longer just trying to be the girl in the room that seems as if she has a spotlight following her, but now trying to be that same girl in the thousands of social media sites(profile pics,event pics, and selfies-oh my)--It's a hard task. In the end, if we remember-it's okay to recycle outfits, but it's also okay to go buy that new outfit that makes you feel as if you are Ms. Carrie Bradshaw striking your heels against the pavement. Until next time, Let your Fashionista Flag Fly, my friends!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

RuPaul's Drag Race

First of all, sorry for the long pause-- but it has been a little crazy in the product development world... on that note, shall we begin with the post:

RuPaul's Drag Race!!! There's a million and one reasons to watch this show- but I will just name a few for now. First being RuPaul, THE Queen who I first remember seeing in To Wong Foo when I was a little girl and thinking how absolutely flawless Ru looked! My mom, being out of the box for Kentucky, had this movie and it was one of my favs growing up(the cast did an amazing job-if you haven't seen it WATCH IT NOW).  On RuPaul's Drag Race, RuPaul pulls off every look as if they were cover ready-flawless, effortless, timeless and trademarked.  From the non drag suits that are pulled together with every detail down to the millimeter to the dramatic flowing gowns that seemed as if they would cost thousands of dollars-- look but don't touch-Too Fierce for you!!!
         Second being the Queens that compete. Seriously this season after every episode ended I had laughed so hard that my sides hurt(my favorite lines had to be Adore Delano's "Jesus Knows I can't Sew" and well, just about anything Bianca Del Rio said). I was waiting for Courtney Act and Adore Delano's albums to drop, but most of all, I marveled in the fashion!!!!  Nobody can work it like RuPaul's girls. What I feel like we can't miss in the fashion world is what RuPaul's Drag Race Brings to the table. They are willing to pull out all of the stops that many of us are not, because they are so free with being themselves. For me, coming from a small town in Kentucky where girls are quiet and meek, and don't break any rules including rules of fashion-- It was motivating and uplifting to see each cast member reach into their bag of tricks each week and pull out looks that reflected their styles, moods, and overall realness. They aren't afraid to be themselves in any way and it's a beautiful lesson for us all! So, thank you RuPaul and your amazing girls for showing us all it's okay to be ourselves and to reach to be effortlessly over the top(and if any of you perform in Orlando, I will be there) !!! Until we meet again, let you inner FASHIONISTA FLAG FLY, my friends!!!