Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Black Friday...

     The best thing about this week is not just the wonderful traditions and future memories that you will create with your loved ones, but also the biggest shopping day of the year. I have so much to buy for so many people, but I also like to set money aside to take advantage of some of the apparel sales and if you are like me, then you are being bombarded with pre Black Friday as well as approaching Black Friday Clothing Deals.  So many clothing stores want your money and are offering the best prices that if I were to act on every impulse to every beautiful picture of a flowing garment or comfy yet stylish layering piece, I would be horribly broke!
   The best advice is before you make any purchases, make a budget for yourself because one slouchy beanie here another infinity scarf there can add up very quickly and suddenly, you have nothing left to spend on all of the other big year end purchases. After you have your budget, pick out your favorite "wish list" items and figure out what pieces will take your wardrobe up another notch. While narrowing down your apparel options, consider if they are trend items or clothing that has a sustainable long term appeal. For instance, the gloves I bought three years ago are still something I'm proud to wear today, but the "Pedro offers you his protection" shirt I bought in high school isn't a shirt you would see me wearing today. Trend items are wonderful to have, but you don't want to invest too heavily in these. Then, research the sales both online and in store. Look to see if the clothing that you are interested in would be of quality or is a piece just made for a short shelf life(sometimes a bargain price still isn't worth the dollars).  Now that you have a budget and your wish list, go get your shop on!

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Monday, November 24, 2014

First preview for 2016

The most amazing thing about what I am seeing for 2016 is color. Vibrant shades that will make you feel as if spring and summer have draped you in it's most breath taking shades. Neons will not play as big of a part as it has, but instead richer pallets. It will definitely be something to look forward to.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Have you tried this

     So, I was seriously considering going blonde last week. It's always been something I wanted to give a shot and I felt like this would be a good time. I would've if I didn't try In Style's Hollywood Virtual makeover. Luckily- I plugged my picture into the program, sorted through numerous  celebrity hairstyles(and you are able to change the color, add highlights, etc.)and presto- Blonde isn't my color... Black on the other hand was much more favorable for me.  So- give it a try!

Look at a gift from a friend!

Season 1
I can't even say thank you enough to my friend for their craftiness- and I'm super excited to display these!

Season 38

Monday, November 17, 2014

Love this item


     If you are not a watcher of QVC, then you are really missing out! Isaac Mizrahi has a 100% Cashmere Infinity Scarf that is absolutely stunning.  If you are unfamiliar with QVC, the TSV is THE item that the network features all day at  the beginning of every hour and today is all about Isaac! You can check it out below, but it is a must see on TV as well, because part of watching on TV, is seeing Isaac show you a million and one ways to wear the scarf an also he usually makes small tweaks to the models' ensembles that will make you want to figure out how to incorporate all of his style ideas into your wardrobe immediately.  So please, click the link below:

Thursday, November 13, 2014

This Kentucky Girl Gets it

   I just read an article about Jennifer Lawrence that hit home.  Growing up in Kentucky(about an hour and a half from Louisville, where Jennifer Lawrence's stomping grounds were), my Grandmother would take us every Saturday to yard sales. For a good chunk of my adolescence, I wore clothes from multiple eras and built a unique look from garments once treasured by another. If you'd like to read the article for yourself, you'll find it below:

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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Don't waste....

     I believe, as a society, we are really losing the art of mending, altering, and creating garments. There was a time when if you wore it, you probably made it. Today, even though I love clothes from the store and I love shopping, sometimes it is a bummer when you are someone's Twinkie all day at work or at a get together. So.. here's some reasons you should be inspired to pick up that needle and thread...
    There's nothing like patching up a piece of clothing to make you appreciate the fact you have it.  For instance. I have a brand new floral kimono that accidentally made it into the dryer. The fringe on the bottom became matted and wasn't able to be saved. After removing the seams, it turns out that there was a bottom layer of stitching and it looks like a beautiful brand new piece of clothing- a little different, but still gorgeous! If I had just tossed it, I would've wasted the money and been a beautiful kimono short.
    Also, if you love to be unique, there's nothing more wonderful than using a pattern or making something up that is totally your own. The first skirt that I made myself was for work. When I wore it in I was filled with pride every time someone commented or asked me where I purchased it. "Sorry, peeps-this is my own creation and it's the only one like it."
      So, if you don't own a sewing kit, go invest in one today and if you've never sewn before, my recommendation is to get a scrap piece of clothing and just practice. Before you know it you will be mending and creating your own custom wardrobe.
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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tuesday Fashion

WetSeal Oversized Sweater, JustFab boots, and Denimocracy Jeggings. Also, I have a coconut oil treatment on my hair(as I will for the next two weeks) since I am prepping for a color change.
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Monday, November 3, 2014

Monday Fashion=Simplistic Fall Fashion

Nine West Shoes, Wet Seal Jeggings, Margaritaville Long Sleeve Tee, Macy's Scarf

+Margaritaville +Macy's +Wet Seal +Nine West 
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Live from New York...

     The only thing that rivals my love of fashion, New York,  and writing would be my life long love of Saturday Night Live.  To give you a little glimpse into my life long love- here are a couple of fun facts about my life filled with SNL: Many of my earliest memories involved watching old VHS tapes that my mom had of greats like Dan Aykroyd, Gilda Radner, Bill Murray, frequent guest host Steve Martin, and so many other amazing cast members.  As a matter of fact, when I was in Kindergarden and all of the other girls were Belle from Beauty and the Beast, I went as Connie the Conehead. It was epic to say the least.  The second I was old enough to start playing the August lottery for tickets, you better bet I was all over it and although I have not had the opportunity to see a live taping or a dress rehearsal, it is my DREAM! Really, to be honest, the way I can go on about an episode on Sunday morning, many of my friends have suggested I start an SNL blog, which I have heavily considered. I have never been able to pick a favorite cast member; each season  is filled with talented individuals and it isn't an accident that they make it onto the show at all.
     With Season 40 underway it made me think about how everyone claims their generation's cast was the best. Really I think because of the talent of Lorne Michaels, every season is amazing(even the transition years)- and a talent that only SNL has successfully harnessed is if you revisit episodes from the past, you can tell exactly what America and even the world was enduring in that period of time.   
    So, what does this have to do with fashion, you ask? Saks Fifth Avenue has teamed up with Saturday Night Live and created a trendy collection inspired by many great SNL characters over the decades. Mary Katherine Gallagher, Gilly, the Fabulous Gilda Radner's The Nerds character- they are all represented. One of my favorite pieces that they are offering is of course, the Eugenia Kim Marley SNL Ribbed Wool Beanie. As you can tell from the picture below, there are elements of  the Coneheads characters, but it is still an item that can be an everyday article of clothing.
     There are several articles of clothing that are able to be wardrobe staples and represent 40 seasons of pure talent, amazing memories, and comedy that pushes boundaries and moves mountains.  The link is below, so make sure to check it out and tune in every Saturday night.
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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Pardon me

     Please Pardon my absence these past couple of weeks. I have been working on so much for 2016- trend boards, power points, blank choices, and colors of the year for our collection.  It can be very time consuming, but if you love your career, then the time spent is pure bliss.  Just like with everything else, I am a bit of a perfectionist, so making sure our 2016 and my part in it were as flawless as possible, I had to put my complete self into it. BUT I really missed  discussing fashion with all of you! So, here we are. I have so much to talk to you about and I can't wait to catch up with you this week.