Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Black Friday...

     The best thing about this week is not just the wonderful traditions and future memories that you will create with your loved ones, but also the biggest shopping day of the year. I have so much to buy for so many people, but I also like to set money aside to take advantage of some of the apparel sales and if you are like me, then you are being bombarded with pre Black Friday as well as approaching Black Friday Clothing Deals.  So many clothing stores want your money and are offering the best prices that if I were to act on every impulse to every beautiful picture of a flowing garment or comfy yet stylish layering piece, I would be horribly broke!
   The best advice is before you make any purchases, make a budget for yourself because one slouchy beanie here another infinity scarf there can add up very quickly and suddenly, you have nothing left to spend on all of the other big year end purchases. After you have your budget, pick out your favorite "wish list" items and figure out what pieces will take your wardrobe up another notch. While narrowing down your apparel options, consider if they are trend items or clothing that has a sustainable long term appeal. For instance, the gloves I bought three years ago are still something I'm proud to wear today, but the "Pedro offers you his protection" shirt I bought in high school isn't a shirt you would see me wearing today. Trend items are wonderful to have, but you don't want to invest too heavily in these. Then, research the sales both online and in store. Look to see if the clothing that you are interested in would be of quality or is a piece just made for a short shelf life(sometimes a bargain price still isn't worth the dollars).  Now that you have a budget and your wish list, go get your shop on!

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