Thursday, November 6, 2014

Don't waste....

     I believe, as a society, we are really losing the art of mending, altering, and creating garments. There was a time when if you wore it, you probably made it. Today, even though I love clothes from the store and I love shopping, sometimes it is a bummer when you are someone's Twinkie all day at work or at a get together. So.. here's some reasons you should be inspired to pick up that needle and thread...
    There's nothing like patching up a piece of clothing to make you appreciate the fact you have it.  For instance. I have a brand new floral kimono that accidentally made it into the dryer. The fringe on the bottom became matted and wasn't able to be saved. After removing the seams, it turns out that there was a bottom layer of stitching and it looks like a beautiful brand new piece of clothing- a little different, but still gorgeous! If I had just tossed it, I would've wasted the money and been a beautiful kimono short.
    Also, if you love to be unique, there's nothing more wonderful than using a pattern or making something up that is totally your own. The first skirt that I made myself was for work. When I wore it in I was filled with pride every time someone commented or asked me where I purchased it. "Sorry, peeps-this is my own creation and it's the only one like it."
      So, if you don't own a sewing kit, go invest in one today and if you've never sewn before, my recommendation is to get a scrap piece of clothing and just practice. Before you know it you will be mending and creating your own custom wardrobe.
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