Tuesday, May 24, 2016

No Longer Red, Thank you.

Here we are, Almost 2 years to the day since I wrote my first post ever for this very blog. My hair is no longer a bright, fiery shade of red that gave me the inspiration for my pin name, I've since switched it in for a kinder shade of blonde. My location of a thriving city with many cultures that brought so many waves of thoughts to me and that lit a fire of things I needed to put down on e-paper if you will, is no longer my home. I now live in a beach town that provides a completely different since of fashion: a relaxed, breezy since of living is painted into the garments worn by guests and locals. I will be honest, it's hard to write when you are trying to gain your footing again. That's always been the type of person I am- whenever I move, I take everything in around me(one being the fashion) and find a way to make it my own.  What I figured out here so far:  I have had times when I move and take in the surroundings and notice- I might as well be Willy Wonka surrounded by the cast of 90210(I seriously stand out). In these moments, it's easy to feel shaken. But the best part is you evolve. First off, some things might not work well in your new world - for me that was my wedges and heels I wore everyday(they don't cut it on the beach). But I've learned that the outlets here sell Michael Kors and Coach sandals that are cheaper than the stuff at Payless(No Joke)- But there were other pieces(mostly staples in my wardrobe that could be blended right in to my new clothing. Your style becomes something new-a little bit of your old world and a little bit of your new. Once you find this happy medium out- Suddenly the steps you take in your new life aren't so foreign but are fluid again. Here I stand a year after my move and look at this. Same jewelry I wore with that wrap around Purple dress from a previous blog post is now fitting in quite nicely with my floral top, ripped jeans, and Tommy Hilfiger Sandals. That's life though(even in fashion) it can be a constantly evolving recipe that just gets better every time you make it.