Wednesday, September 24, 2014

You could frame this...


December 2011 in NYC (Kind of looks like Reagan)
     Roughly three years ago, I finally convinced my Mom to go to NYC.  I had been and I knew one of the first places we had to go... A must stop for anyone who is visiting NYC and loves to shop is the Macy's next to the Empire State Building. Imagine twelve floors of shop ability-each floor broken down by section and each with it's own restaurant/eating area. As we stood in the store surrounded by what felt like every thing ever sold and everyone in existence, I noticed a brilliant pop of color to my right- I had to investigate.

It almost feels like a museum
     This was my introduction to Marc Tetro. The art is stunning. Let's just begin there. Everything feels like happiness and it isn't over worked with colors. It's simplistic, yet says everything it needs to in it's simplicity.  In the display in New York there's so many items that include landmarks like the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty, but also adorable puppies(and so many breeds are represented). The collection offers canvas prints, key chains, pop outs, and fashion accessories like Totes, Make Up bags, and umbrellas. Marc Tetro's line drew me in and made me a long time fan because there's something about having a fashion piece that is so carefree and colorful in this time of year when summer is over, the colors begin to fade away, and sometimes we even let our wardrobes carry the same muted color tone in Fall and Winter. Not only do the accessories stand out and add a much needed pop of color, but every time I wear one of my Marc Tetro Totes, I get a million compliments which is an instantaneous pick up.

Please meet Boo, Sonny, and Reagan- my puppies


     Just looking at these pictures makes me feel instant happiness (and it makes me realize that I need to get a few more pieces).  Take a look at some of the pieces offered online for yourself  if you can't make it to NYC in the near future: or follow Marc Tetro on Twitter .

One of my make up bags

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Special: Sometimes Irony knocks

     Sometimes, the story held within an article of clothing can be very painful. The ironic thing is that I bought this tee because of how much I love the Night at the Roxbury sketches on SNL and how it always brought a smile to my face. On Sunday, I found out that my niece, Lo and nephew Jaxy will be moving 6 hours away. My sister and her family have lived with me for the past three years and of course that means all of Jaxy's life and most of Lo's. I know if you are a reader of my blog or of my Twitter account, you are aware how close I am to these sweet little miracles.  I will miss their beautiful faces greeting me every day and watching as they light up at every new adventure. They have taught me to appreciate the little things and celebrate every moment- I mean there are millions of things we see as so ordinary that is nothing but brilliance and greatly appreciated by children.This will not be easy for me(my heart feels broken right now), but it is another story to add to my life-another thing that will force me to become stronger. Beauty and light is always at the end of a trial, my friends. Normal post will come tomorrow.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Falling Hard


    This is one of my favorite times of year. Fall begins to awaken. The Earth itself starts to switch the Pantone colors it operates by. Oranges, Reds, Browns begin fade into the picture and with these color and weather changes, we get the privilege of breathing life back into our closet by bringing our Fall wardrobe out of hibernation. The amazing moment is when you pull out last year's style and realize there are some holes that need to be filled with trends or basically-you see a reason to shop!

     Before you get too crazy, let's all face it, most of us have a budget. My suggestion is to look through magazines, catalogs, and walk through your favorite shops. This is an easy way to find out what's widely trending for the season but it will also allow you to get inspired. While doing your research keep in mind the key pieces you are searching for to complete your Fall Style(you unfortunately can't spend money twice and this is your goal).
     One of my favorite things is to look into designers that you have never had the opportunity to wear before. This year, I plan on doing just this with Duvin Design (@DuvinDesign). I had the privilege to come across this brand at Surf Expo this year and their fabric choices coupled with the way the garments drape is spectacular. The new line(coming out November 1st) has a very West Coast ease that seems to flow very easily from the brand as a whole. Looking into my Fall Closet my headwear is very out of date and unfortunately two of my best sweaters were ruined last year so I have already come to the conclusion that one of the beanies at the right along with a cream sweater over at the left(you can't see it, but I liked it so much I remember its location) will be mine soon and don't worry, I plan on posting pictures. When you do this as well, you are more likely to put a unique stamp on yourself as many people shop from the same big name locations and trust me it feels good to occasionally venture out of the overall save "box store" zone.
(From the Duvin Design blog).
 Most Importantly, enjoy the search and walk into it knowing that the perfectly stitched garment is just waiting for you to sport throughout Fall and possibly into the winter and you are going to find it!
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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Throwback Thursday!

In honor of New York City since today's 9/11, I thought today's Throwback Thursday would just be my very first trip to NYC and the classic I Love NY pullover hoodie. The second picture is of Loalee's first trip to New York. Sending prayers to all that were lost or touched by these events 13 years ago.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Today's Trends Volume 1

     This trend-I can't even explain how excited I am about embracing.  If you were anything like me in high school, I dreamed of playing sports, but my awkwardness could just not translate into being the All American sportster. Why did I want to be so athletically involved you ask? Not because I had a competitive urge to win or anything crazy like that. I wanted a Varsity Jacket. In high school the kids with the Varsity Jackets paraded through the halls displaying their athletic achievements. As their feet pounded the school highways, it seemed as if a theme song blasted that everyone could hear. Their steps acted as the base that set the melody of the school day and it just cemented their amazingness. One of those kids, was never me. Bummer, right?
     So, here we are in 2014 and I can live my old school dreams. This trend is not you traditional Varsity Jacket either. With many clothing lines putting their spin on the Varsity Jacket, you can definitely find a look that caters to your personal style. For instance, both of the pictures featuring the Varsity Jacket are just from the September 2014 Nylon Guys Magazine. Many other magazines this month are also displaying completely different takes on this jacket. The best thing for you is that this can be completely wearable and affordable and it just might be my favorite fall trend.
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Thursday, September 4, 2014

His Name is...

     I will admit, since this show started back when I was in high school, I don't think I have missed an episode. The way the cast along with their paired partners begin and end a journey we all witness on the dance floor and in training is exquisite and many times emotional. Of course, I am talking about Dancing with the Stars.  Every person tends to have a favorite celebrity or even partner- I love them all, but my favorite to watch is Mark Ballas. First of all, let me say that I believe he is completely under rated. Every time that he and his seasonal partner begin their routine, I am always excited to see the choreography that is in store and I know that if it is so brilliant on television, it has to be ridiculous in person. So, what does this have to do with Fashion you ask? After watching every season, one of my very favorite things is to see the costumes that Mark and his partner wear weekly.
      Every costume created for the show is absolutely stunning, but while some tend to play it safe, every look Mark wears is daring, innovative, and seamlessly helps create the vision that Mark has in mind for us to see.  It would be very easy for him to where a very basic ensemble, but instead he allows his partners to step onto the floor feeling a character that they are intended to create. When all the right moves are hit along with what can only be described as stitched brilliance, it is like witnessing Houdini perform one of his greatest tricks or even like watching water glide down a glass- smooth and not skipping a beat.  My personal favorite was from Season 12 with Chelsea Kane- their Jive to "I write Sins not Tragedies". It seemed to not only capture his flare and brilliance, but also the costuming is ridiculous and shows his fearlessness towards taking fashion risks(The link for the dance is below the picture) and by the way, I still feel like it deserves all 10's. (2:07 is where the dance begins, but hey, if you've got the time, watch the whole thing).
     Even if you are not the biggest into watching reality television, I suggest you take a look at the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars and consider that these costumes are not only going through the conception period but are also completely developed within that one week period.  It is stunning and magical every week when you really think about how long a garment can usually take to develop, sample, and move to your finished product. In closing, please feel free to follow me on Twitter @GildaRedFashion and also as always, Let Your Fashionista Flag Fly!
(Make sure to vote for Mark and his new partner, Sadie Robertson on the upcoming season of DWTS and I almost forgot, check out his music too!) 

Monday, September 1, 2014

When I wake up in the Mornin...

     Last Saturday, my sister and I decided to sit down for some bonding time and we seriously burned a hole in my Netflix account. Not with several shows or movies, but with just one(numerous episodes of course).  Saved By the Bell, still one of the best shows to ever grace the airwaves, and at the time it originally aired, it also had it's hold on fashion worn across America(I can say this is for certain since one of the strangest sights is seeing west coast fashion spring up into Kentucky).  In the 90's when this show was so big, I wasn't even in school yet, but my neighbor, Tiffany was a preteen and probably the coolest kid ever, as far as I was concerned. She was in a sense babysitting me, but I thought we were just two cool kids hanging out.  We would sit at her house and soak up every second that the sensational six appeared on the screen, engraining their lessons and looks into my brain. She even had the Board Game where you could win a date with Slater, Screech, or Zack-I would always cheat and end up with Zack(finally I have a clean conscience). 
    How does this relate back to today?  While watching episode after episode, I noticed that some of their styles are making their way back to mainstream fashion again. High waisted jeans and floral prints- so happy, colorful and fresh to this day and automatically transport you to the warm summer breeze of Cali. Not to mention crop tops- these hit hard last year, but really at this time of year when in some locations, the heat wave is still blazing on, how can you beat it? Also, this fall, we are expected to see the revamped varsity style jackets making quite a splash.
     The next time you watch SBTB, take a look at the amazing ensembles that the entire cast wear. The garments are preppy, fun, and the stamp of their generation.  They were able to conquer high school, touring as a music group(Zack Attack), and the world and have each distinct character displayed within each stitch. So, if you were a fan, or if you've never watched before, take a look back at this amazing show and tell me what you think! Also, feel free to follow me on twitter @gildaredfashion . As always, let your fashionista flag fly, my friends!