Thursday, September 4, 2014

His Name is...

     I will admit, since this show started back when I was in high school, I don't think I have missed an episode. The way the cast along with their paired partners begin and end a journey we all witness on the dance floor and in training is exquisite and many times emotional. Of course, I am talking about Dancing with the Stars.  Every person tends to have a favorite celebrity or even partner- I love them all, but my favorite to watch is Mark Ballas. First of all, let me say that I believe he is completely under rated. Every time that he and his seasonal partner begin their routine, I am always excited to see the choreography that is in store and I know that if it is so brilliant on television, it has to be ridiculous in person. So, what does this have to do with Fashion you ask? After watching every season, one of my very favorite things is to see the costumes that Mark and his partner wear weekly.
      Every costume created for the show is absolutely stunning, but while some tend to play it safe, every look Mark wears is daring, innovative, and seamlessly helps create the vision that Mark has in mind for us to see.  It would be very easy for him to where a very basic ensemble, but instead he allows his partners to step onto the floor feeling a character that they are intended to create. When all the right moves are hit along with what can only be described as stitched brilliance, it is like witnessing Houdini perform one of his greatest tricks or even like watching water glide down a glass- smooth and not skipping a beat.  My personal favorite was from Season 12 with Chelsea Kane- their Jive to "I write Sins not Tragedies". It seemed to not only capture his flare and brilliance, but also the costuming is ridiculous and shows his fearlessness towards taking fashion risks(The link for the dance is below the picture) and by the way, I still feel like it deserves all 10's. (2:07 is where the dance begins, but hey, if you've got the time, watch the whole thing).
     Even if you are not the biggest into watching reality television, I suggest you take a look at the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars and consider that these costumes are not only going through the conception period but are also completely developed within that one week period.  It is stunning and magical every week when you really think about how long a garment can usually take to develop, sample, and move to your finished product. In closing, please feel free to follow me on Twitter @GildaRedFashion and also as always, Let Your Fashionista Flag Fly!
(Make sure to vote for Mark and his new partner, Sadie Robertson on the upcoming season of DWTS and I almost forgot, check out his music too!) 


  1. He is phenomenal. It is a really fun show but i really can't keep up anymore :). Nice post!

  2. I love this show too! but I have only watched the Italian version though.

  3. Busola Coutts: Thank you for reading and they pump out the seasons so quick, it can be hard to keep up. Natalia: I bet the Italian Version is phenomenal and thank you for reading and commenting.