Wednesday, September 24, 2014

You could frame this...


December 2011 in NYC (Kind of looks like Reagan)
     Roughly three years ago, I finally convinced my Mom to go to NYC.  I had been and I knew one of the first places we had to go... A must stop for anyone who is visiting NYC and loves to shop is the Macy's next to the Empire State Building. Imagine twelve floors of shop ability-each floor broken down by section and each with it's own restaurant/eating area. As we stood in the store surrounded by what felt like every thing ever sold and everyone in existence, I noticed a brilliant pop of color to my right- I had to investigate.

It almost feels like a museum
     This was my introduction to Marc Tetro. The art is stunning. Let's just begin there. Everything feels like happiness and it isn't over worked with colors. It's simplistic, yet says everything it needs to in it's simplicity.  In the display in New York there's so many items that include landmarks like the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty, but also adorable puppies(and so many breeds are represented). The collection offers canvas prints, key chains, pop outs, and fashion accessories like Totes, Make Up bags, and umbrellas. Marc Tetro's line drew me in and made me a long time fan because there's something about having a fashion piece that is so carefree and colorful in this time of year when summer is over, the colors begin to fade away, and sometimes we even let our wardrobes carry the same muted color tone in Fall and Winter. Not only do the accessories stand out and add a much needed pop of color, but every time I wear one of my Marc Tetro Totes, I get a million compliments which is an instantaneous pick up.

Please meet Boo, Sonny, and Reagan- my puppies


     Just looking at these pictures makes me feel instant happiness (and it makes me realize that I need to get a few more pieces).  Take a look at some of the pieces offered online for yourself  if you can't make it to NYC in the near future: or follow Marc Tetro on Twitter .

One of my make up bags

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  1. I guess you had lots of fun girl and of course lots to shop...keep posting and keep enjoying

  2. Thank you Aayushi Saxena! I appreciate your comment and I will!