Monday, September 1, 2014

When I wake up in the Mornin...

     Last Saturday, my sister and I decided to sit down for some bonding time and we seriously burned a hole in my Netflix account. Not with several shows or movies, but with just one(numerous episodes of course).  Saved By the Bell, still one of the best shows to ever grace the airwaves, and at the time it originally aired, it also had it's hold on fashion worn across America(I can say this is for certain since one of the strangest sights is seeing west coast fashion spring up into Kentucky).  In the 90's when this show was so big, I wasn't even in school yet, but my neighbor, Tiffany was a preteen and probably the coolest kid ever, as far as I was concerned. She was in a sense babysitting me, but I thought we were just two cool kids hanging out.  We would sit at her house and soak up every second that the sensational six appeared on the screen, engraining their lessons and looks into my brain. She even had the Board Game where you could win a date with Slater, Screech, or Zack-I would always cheat and end up with Zack(finally I have a clean conscience). 
    How does this relate back to today?  While watching episode after episode, I noticed that some of their styles are making their way back to mainstream fashion again. High waisted jeans and floral prints- so happy, colorful and fresh to this day and automatically transport you to the warm summer breeze of Cali. Not to mention crop tops- these hit hard last year, but really at this time of year when in some locations, the heat wave is still blazing on, how can you beat it? Also, this fall, we are expected to see the revamped varsity style jackets making quite a splash.
     The next time you watch SBTB, take a look at the amazing ensembles that the entire cast wear. The garments are preppy, fun, and the stamp of their generation.  They were able to conquer high school, touring as a music group(Zack Attack), and the world and have each distinct character displayed within each stitch. So, if you were a fan, or if you've never watched before, take a look back at this amazing show and tell me what you think! Also, feel free to follow me on twitter @gildaredfashion . As always, let your fashionista flag fly, my friends!


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