Thursday, September 18, 2014

Falling Hard


    This is one of my favorite times of year. Fall begins to awaken. The Earth itself starts to switch the Pantone colors it operates by. Oranges, Reds, Browns begin fade into the picture and with these color and weather changes, we get the privilege of breathing life back into our closet by bringing our Fall wardrobe out of hibernation. The amazing moment is when you pull out last year's style and realize there are some holes that need to be filled with trends or basically-you see a reason to shop!

     Before you get too crazy, let's all face it, most of us have a budget. My suggestion is to look through magazines, catalogs, and walk through your favorite shops. This is an easy way to find out what's widely trending for the season but it will also allow you to get inspired. While doing your research keep in mind the key pieces you are searching for to complete your Fall Style(you unfortunately can't spend money twice and this is your goal).
     One of my favorite things is to look into designers that you have never had the opportunity to wear before. This year, I plan on doing just this with Duvin Design (@DuvinDesign). I had the privilege to come across this brand at Surf Expo this year and their fabric choices coupled with the way the garments drape is spectacular. The new line(coming out November 1st) has a very West Coast ease that seems to flow very easily from the brand as a whole. Looking into my Fall Closet my headwear is very out of date and unfortunately two of my best sweaters were ruined last year so I have already come to the conclusion that one of the beanies at the right along with a cream sweater over at the left(you can't see it, but I liked it so much I remember its location) will be mine soon and don't worry, I plan on posting pictures. When you do this as well, you are more likely to put a unique stamp on yourself as many people shop from the same big name locations and trust me it feels good to occasionally venture out of the overall save "box store" zone.
(From the Duvin Design blog).
 Most Importantly, enjoy the search and walk into it knowing that the perfectly stitched garment is just waiting for you to sport throughout Fall and possibly into the winter and you are going to find it!
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