Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Special: Sometimes Irony knocks

     Sometimes, the story held within an article of clothing can be very painful. The ironic thing is that I bought this tee because of how much I love the Night at the Roxbury sketches on SNL and how it always brought a smile to my face. On Sunday, I found out that my niece, Lo and nephew Jaxy will be moving 6 hours away. My sister and her family have lived with me for the past three years and of course that means all of Jaxy's life and most of Lo's. I know if you are a reader of my blog or of my Twitter account, you are aware how close I am to these sweet little miracles.  I will miss their beautiful faces greeting me every day and watching as they light up at every new adventure. They have taught me to appreciate the little things and celebrate every moment- I mean there are millions of things we see as so ordinary that is nothing but brilliance and greatly appreciated by children.This will not be easy for me(my heart feels broken right now), but it is another story to add to my life-another thing that will force me to become stronger. Beauty and light is always at the end of a trial, my friends. Normal post will come tomorrow.

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