Thursday, August 21, 2014

Who are you?

     If you woke up today and someone asked you to describe the person you are, do you think you could successfully do this? Take this question and apply it to your style—at this moment, could you hammer down where your fashion loyalties lye so to speak?  I know personally for me, this was a hard question to answer for years as I operated in chameleon mode adapting to whatever setting I was placed in as if to be a part of the masses surrounding me.  If the groups surrounding me were an ocean, I became a drop of unnoticeable water.
      In Kentucky, the trend was blue jeans and simplistic tees, polos, natural (or at least appearing to be natural) hair colors, and toned down make up pallets. Guess what I wore—exactly this. I was afraid to be anything that made me unique. There was so many styles I wanted to venture out and try, but my fear of being different overwhelmed me and I didn't go for any  trends outside of my local surroundings. What if people judged me? What if I became an outcast?  The fears lied deep inside and placed a lock upon my creativity. The many pallets of color, textures that were waiting for me set there untapped.

     Right after high school I moved to the beach. Of course, county clothes are an unspoken language on the beach and so I adapted yet again. Did I make my own music, no. I followed the pace that had already been set. All of a sudden, I had Black hair, swim suits, board shorts, and was fake bakin'.  I even tried tanning beds and for a naturally fair complected person it led to nothing but burned skin and a couple of years later, biopsies at the dermatologist(which were luckily in my favor, but the fear of waiting was pretty painful in itself). No one could see me as I was disguised as just another person you pass. 
     After some time, I moved to the City.  The wonderful part about this is that being in a city, you are surrounded by a gumbo of different styles, fashions, and unique individuals.  Everyone is so different, no two drums played the same beat. Seeing all of these wonderful individuals made me think, was the person that I am in the fashion world represented in my closet? When I walked outside of my home, would people feel who I am, or would they get a carbon copy of someone else. After some time, my closet has developed my unique finger print.  I no longer play it safe and you are often to see a different picture painted every time you see me. One day, I might be wearing a vintage full skirt and pearls, then leather jeggings and stilettos, and after that there's a possibility of a pencil skirt and nude colored blouse the next day. I have discovered that my style is very vintage/eclectic.
     So, take this time to contemplate. Are you true to your inner style? If you see an approaching trend you're attracted to- like heavily jeweled tops or jeweled tone leather will you walk off the plank and dive into your adventurous self? Will you play it safe and be one of many? Do yourself a favor and be everything you can be! I can't wait to see what you do, when you are being everything you always wanted to be! In closing, feel free to follow me on twitter( @gildaredfashion ) and remember, Let your Fashionista Flag Fly!



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