Thursday, August 7, 2014

This one's for Loalee

     Three and a half years ago, I first laid eyes on my beautiful niece, Loalee as she took her first breath in this world. So much time has passed since then and although I have had the privilege to teach her so many things in this world, I have probably learned more from her including in fashion. Every time she sees a new piece of clothing there's no pre existing judgment behind its history.  No thoughts of "is this article of clothing currently in or out of style". She makes it her own with no fear of how others will perceive her. Loalee is free to paint with every color pallet, wear white after Labor Day, and she never regrets whatever look she assembles.
     Even though it is so much fun rotating out wardrobes and following the next big trend, it is also just as much fun to feel the thrill of being unique and coloring outside the lines of fashion. Mix patterns, textured fabrics, colors that usually don't mesh well together.... take risks! Feel as if a child does in the sense of appreciating all unique styles of fashion and not typecasting an article of clothing.  Here's a piece of homework for you: Tonight, walk into your closet and don't think of the way you usually wear your go to pieces. Let go of any clothing stereotypes and feel the fabric beneath your fingers. Begin to build a style that has never graced your frame before. Think outside the box and wear it proudly, just for you and don't consider how anyone else perceives it. Just enjoy this fashion moment for yourself. 
     My beautiful niece(and her little brother) are the best things to ever happen to me for many reasons. Loalee has taught me how to look through child's eyes at so many garments I have had for years as if I were witnessing the detailed stitching, woven patterns, hem lines, etc. for the very first time. In closing-Loalee, sweetie, this one is for you my little lady and to everyone else: Let you Fashionista Flag Fly!


  1. I have started mixing prints and have discovered the easiest way for me to do so is if they contain the same colors. I love this post because of the emphasis on dressing to make one's self happy. Your niece is adorable.


  2. Thank you so much, and that's wonderful advice!