Saturday, August 2, 2014


     Everyday we make the choice to follow the same dotted line that we have consistently followed or veer off the path into something possibly rewarding and completely fulfilling. To some the idea of taking said risk is frightening and dangerous, but to others who have taken the chance before, they know the feel of capturing the great dreams they were chasing after with every muscle in their body. As your fingers collapse and tighten around that moment in time, there's nothing better.
     Blake Lively could've played it safe for the rest of her life. She is already a well accomplished actress, sought after by fashion designers for her brilliant style, and she does this all with a well placed head on her shoulders.  So, when she announced Preserve, I was pretty surprised by this initiative in a completely different direction.
  If you haven't visited it has a little bit of everything from recipes to the gorgeous Greater Good Section. With every click, you will gather that has a real sense of community captured in every link. I won't go into detail-why should I ruin the feast for the eyes that waits you, but I will talk to you about the fashion piece.
     Within this site, you will find a couple of different fashion moments scattered throughout. The Shop window features many different types of items for sale and you will find garments peppered throughout(you do have the ability to break the shop page down by category as well). Surprise here-not just  Ladies clothing-menswear is available on here too(get ready to buy something stylish for the gentlemen in your life).  All items feel vey American Classic to me, flowy, well thought out, and most importantly beautiful.  My favorite piece I have to mention is the Pleated Skirt(which is a coming soon item). It's a very easily transformed piece that can go from nautical to feminine/floral very easily.  If the money's in the bank when this comes in, I might have to add it to my ever growing collection!
     You will also want to make a stop at the style articles.  Each story feels well thought out, smart, and the best part is that there's a link to shop the looks pictured. So as you are reading, get ready to dream yourself into each garment.
   Really, it would have been very simple for Blake Lively to live out her life not going for this opportunity that you can clearly seen she is passionate about, but she did it with flying colors and I commend her. I know as one Fashionista to the next that it is very challenging to air your thoughts out as if they were your laundry hanging to dry, but it's the most beautiful thing inviting your new friends that dare to take a moment out of their day to read a piece of your heart.  I look forward to our next moment together and until then my friends, Let you Fashionista Flag Fly!

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  1. Blake Lively is admirable because despite her successes she seems so down to earth and her style is always impeccable. I was intrigued when I learned she was getting ready to launch the lifestyle blog I had heard about. I look forward to reading the blog posts.