Sunday, July 27, 2014

Colors of the World...

     In the 90s if you weren't obsessed with Mel B, Mel C, Victoria, Geri, and Emma aka The Spice Girls you were probably... I can't even fathom why you wouldn't love the Spice Girls. It was Girl Power at its finest!  I am blessed to say these were my girls back in the day.  The first time I heard "Wanna Be" my closet had no clue what it is was in for. Goodbye cute little short vests outfits that my mom would pick out. Hello colorful tees, platform shoes, amazing flares, Jersey ankle length dresses, and Adidas Jogging suits-- only to be completed with crouched poses and shooting the peace sign(displayed by my 11 year old self below).

Each Spice Girl was unique and when you think of it each represented a different type of woman of society through their wardrobe choices and nicknames...

                                           Spice Girls=Girls Of The World(Broken Down)
*Ginger Spice-a true fire cracker and rocking an almost a Marilyn Monroe quality about her-the vixen in life.
*Scary Spice- wickedly hilarious, funny, and someone everyone wants to hang with
*Posh Spice-You know her as the lady you wouldn't catch in flats. Fashion runs through her veins and she's always on point 
*Baby Spice-The innocent ones in society who you can't imagine veering from the right path
*Sporty Spice-The Tom Girl that could hang with the guys and show them a thing or two.

     Is this true with real life though, do the saucy ladies always wear figure hugging dresses... Do they ever wear Adidas Track Suits? Better yet, do the innocent ones ever wear figure hugging dresses? Or are we each holding fragments of each of these 5 personalities within ourselves? This is what I believe to be the case. For example, in everyday life you're living as Baby Spice calm, simple, and not breaking any barriers.  You're thumbing through your closet picking out a look for a group dinner... You spot a black Gucci dress that grips onto your frame unlike your usual styles, still proper, but somehow also daring. It could transport you out of your usual sense of everyday habits and give you the courage to pull a different version of yourself out of your box of tricks-life of the Party is about to arrive, Peeps! It's just a dress, but you've tied a different world to this garment- therefore, when you purchased it, you purchased the key to unlocking a different you. 
     We all have a true self, one that lies within, constantly growing and becoming wiser, but the blessing is, you hold the ability to use different keys to unlock the girl next door, the vixen, the one everyone is waiting to see, the girl that's one of the guys-- it's unlimited. They all lie in your closet right now... Just waiting for you to activate the piece of you waiting to fly.  Which girl will you be today, tonight, tomorrow? It's all in your hands. Be sure to follow me on Twitter @GildaRedFashion . Talk to you soon my friends, and remember to let your Fashionista Flag fly!




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