Sunday, July 13, 2014

Threaded to Memories

      Do you have that one piece of clothing that no matter what you do... you just can't toss? I have a couple of those. It's like no matter how many times you clean out your closet, every time your hand grazes the threads of that magical garment,  memories are awakened and a spell is cast forcing  your hand to gently place the hanger back onto your rack and not even entertain the idea of donating it. 
     One piece in particular I have is this green knitted poncho(sounds as classy as it is).  I will never wear it again, but it reminds me of quite a couple of very happy memories in my life.  There was this boy in high school-- the cutest and sweetest guy in all of my grade and I was pretty sure he didn't know I existed. I felt as if I were apart of the school's architecture and every time he would pass, I would be the equivalent of a lamp in his mind. The first day I wore my incredibly cool Grinch colored poncho that particular young man approached me and picked up a corner of it.  As he starred at the poncho for a second, he simply said, "This is pretty cool, where'd you get it?" I could feel my heart dancing and I managed to squeeze out the words "Store in DC". At that moment, it was the coolest article of clothing in the cosmos! Celebrity closets had nothing on this Wicked Green Poncho!
     Three years later, I had just graduated from high school and made the hard decision to move from the small town in Kentucky that was the safest place to me, but I knew I could never grow in.  All of my family, friends, and places that were walking scrapbooks would be hours away and no longer at my finger tips. I had a million and a half dreams and decided to make the leap and move to Florida.  As I sat in the same poncho, a little older for ware and in this moment, acting in the role as a security blanket, I began to pack my things. This poncho, in a weird way, was a faithful participant in me developing the wings to fly into a very scary phase of my life that would pay off in so many ways and help me realize dreams that I thought I would never achieve(but I still have my more to accomplish). 
     Now, years later, it isn't a piece of clothing I would dare wear anymore, but from time to time, I will pause as I pass it's permanent hanger in my closet and think of the time it helped my heart skip a beat and helped me brave the unknown. Remember to Follow me on Twitter @GildaRedFashion . As I've said before and I'm sayin' again,  Remember to let you Fashionista flag fly, my friends!

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