Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Dress with the Built in Accessory

      As Carrie Bradshaw glided across my screen in the breath taking Halston Heritage creation in Sex and the City 2, I knew I was in love with that dress.  I had no idea that this would be the year I received this beauty from my mom for my birthday(It's not an original, but I will have a stunning Halston Heritage design of my own soon). As I unwrapped the parcel and starred at the garment, I envisioned myself wearing it every day- to the store, mowing the lawn, everywhere possible. This of course wouldn't be appropriate, but most of all, this dress was too special to wear EVERYWHERE.
    My first time wearing it I was on formal night during a cruise. As I gingerly draped the fabric over my shoulders and looked into the mirror, I felt as if I could waltz onto the cover of a magazine.  The pale pink against my pale skin somehow resembled fondant cascading off a wedding cake. I placed on my Jessica Simpson Burgundy Platform Heels and began my strut. As far as anyone was concerned, I owned that ship. If you know me in person, I tend to be very meek and well, southern. But that night, I was someone completely different... Even though it was a simple dress to some, it gave me confidence needed to command attention. 
     The second time I wore my one shoulder wonder was for a Christmas Party for the company I work for. At the time I was in a different branch and had just been promoted to the corporate Merchandise world, so in a way it was also my last hurrah with some great people.  In Florida, you can wear a dress like this just about any time of the year.  No one at the party had previously seen this dress(because let's face it, it's hard to wear this at a work event twice as it makes a lasting statement), so I knew that my dress was being kicked out of hibernation mode.  As I entered the get together which was held at a downtown club, I felt the unknown extra accessory the dress came equipped with kick in-confidence.  Being part of the management team, we had to stand on stage and represent the person speaking to the masses (keep in mind, as I said before, this was a club). I didn't know it, but apparently there was a strategically placed fan built into the floor... you can probably see where this is going. As I stepped onto a spot I felt was a little more out of the way. My dress began to resemble a the sails on a sail boat catching the wind and taking off. Luckily for me there were two things in my favor. One being the build in slip that clings tightly to your form. The second being my quick reflexes. As My hands popped into place one of my fellow managers next to me said with a slight giggle, "You just pulled a Marilyn". Even though it was a tad embarrassing, it was nice to say I had a Marilyn Moment of my own to treasure.

     To some, this dress might appear as a simple item of clothing, but it helped me feel like a bombshell even if in my everyday life I feel exactly like Pheobe from Friends(lots of levels of Awkward).  Check me out on Twitter, if you'd like @GildaRedFashion and as always, my lovelies, let your inner Fashionista Flag Fly!!!


  1. How thrilling for you to have been gifted with the dress from your mother. I have wanted to own an original Halston piece for several years now but have not been fortunate enough to snag one. I hope your dream comes true of owning an original and when you do I hope you will post about it. Good thing, by the way, that you had quick reflexes at the work event. :). I enjoyed your post very much. All the best to you.


    1. Thank you so much, Sharon! My best to you as well!