Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Celebrity Fashionista Crash Course- Diva #1

    Let's set the scene, I was 5 year old scrawny child-classically awkward as usual, and kids my age were playing with race cars, sand piles, and Barbie dolls. Of course, I enjoyed the occasional toy, but you were more likely to find me learning every Reba song and trying to memorize the dance numbers from "Take it Back", "Why Haven't I heard From You" and so many of her other hits. I wouldn't leave the house until I had what I referred to a "Reba Hair"-case in point this beauty pageant picture!
Today, I still see Reba as a role model, not just for me, but for all young ladies. She's a humanitarian, legendary country singer, great actress/comedian, AND has majorly successful home and fashion lines. What I feel is overlooked considering her vast list of achievements and why I am writing this blog post about her is that she is a Fashion trailblazer. Back in the days of country music being known for Garth Brooks style patterned Button up tees and jeans, Reba was taking major risks--So, here's a little Reba Fashion 101:

First Lesson: The Famous Red Dress.
     It's eleven years later and this dress is still making waves.  The 1993 CMAs had no clue what they were in for as the lights first glistened on the Sandi Spika creation.
With today's society being so desensitized by absolute beyond unnecessary racy clothing, it's hard to believe that this dress caused such a stir, but this strategically placed sequin creation was in the ranks of Scarlet Ohara's red dress in Gone With The Wind--SCANDALOUS! Who would've known that one piece of clothing would've reached beyond an awards show and onto covers of major magazines. Reba even commented that  “I got more press off that dress than if I’d won Entertainer of the Year,” and she was right.  The most amazing thing I find, personally about this historic garment is that even though it is so daring, it's also contains the classy factor, which I feel is the essence of her style. If you know as I do that this picture probably doesn't give this dress justice, you are in luck because right now you can currently find this dress on display at the Country Music Hall Of Fame.
Second Lesson: Stepping Up the Videos! 
     If you've ever watched a Reba video, you know that there is a consistent pattern.  There's always a story vividly painted on a canvas using not only the lyrics of the song, but a the feeling of a mini cinema, and amazing costuming. Everything From the smart pencil skirt/emerald blouse pairing in "Why Haven't I heard from You" that helped you see the character's dilemma--she was a woman scorned, but she was brilliantly putting him in his place and making him realize the error of his ways to "His Name was John" which the striking dress allowed Reba display her fierce since of style while letting the lyrics seep in and absolutely crush your heart and fill you with a very real message. If you are new to the world of Reba, take a second and check out Reba VEVO on Youtube.
Third and Final Lesson: Reba Wear
For quite some time Reba has done something that few celebrity designers are able to pull off effortlessly-- combine her definitive since of style along with what her target audience would want to buy. As someone in the product development industry, I can tell you that one simple garment isn't just pulled out of thin air, it takes many hours going over all details, checking pantone colors compared to the original sketches, continuously altering and sampling, etc. It would be easy for a celebrity fashion line to be generic and accept whatever is presented. You can see that she definitely has a team in place that puts their heart into this line.  Reba makes sure that when a guest goes online( ) or to a department store, they are picking up a true representative of the diva's vision. 
    Hopefully you have a real since of Reba the Fashionista now. Even though it has been some time since I twirled around the living room singing every Reba song I could recall, I am still blessed to call her a role model. As we continue to see her pave new paths into so many industries, I am so excited to see what she does in our Fashion world(and hopefully soon, I can finally see her in concert)!  Please feel free to follow me on Twitter @GildaRedFashion and as always, my friends, Let your Fashionista Flag Fly!!!
*** Quick Note: I always knew I would do a Fashion Blog Piece on Reba, but the timing is for a reason.  Don't forget to watch Reba's latest video   and remember to #PrayforPeace  ***

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