Friday, August 15, 2014

The art of Twin-ing

     Siblings--when you're a child(if you are as lucky as I was) you were close to your Genetic Buddies.  My sister, Kristy and I are still close. We finish each other's(somewhere at this very moment she just said sentences).  There are many solid differences between the both of us in several ways. She's very outspoken and I'm more reserved, Kristy has a family and is a stay at home mom(her dream growing up) while I am trying to conquer all of my dreams for my career and I will worry about building my own family when it's the right time.  These blinding differences to our personalities have always been there, but for some reason, everyone always thought since we were sisters, we were exactly the same- this also applies to fashion(luckily my mom would let me wear most things I wanted to unless it was a family photo event or a holiday).
     There's a significant gap in my sister and I's age and that didn't phase family members from getting the both of us matching outfits that were really more appropriate for her age group. This isn't even the worst of it. I have pictures where we are styled in  matching overalls, turtlenecks, and scrunchie hair dos.  If you aren't seeing the trend, overalls for small children in the country(at least at this moment in time) were the equivalent of taking family pictures in white shirts and khakis. We were the equivalent of walking pop tarts.
    My point in this is that sometimes, siblings aren't involved in their fashion choices because the surrounding grown ups want to make them as adorable as possible. Would I go back and change it if I could-absolutely not. When I see my Mom or Granny look at these pictures I can feel their heart radiating such love and remembrance of days gone by. Their eyes being to swell and I know that dressing up in a Tweetie Bird Overall set was worth it a million times over. Sometimes, fashion moments that you wear belong to others whether it is for a family photo, a wedding, or because you have siblings- and this is okay. Just enjoy the memories you create.  Please feel free to share your sibling stories and pictures in the comments section or follow me on Twitter at @GildaRedFashion and as always Let Your Fashionista Flag Fly!

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